Keiri Munoz

At a very young age, I was blessed to have traveled frequently to luxury resorts, vacation homes, and hotels.

Every morning I would wake up at my home which now is known as (Palm Vista Estate) and feel that I was on vacation. I was inspired by all the resorts and hotels I had traveled to and applied touches of every place to my home. I knew immediately that palm vista was a unique rare home in the heart of the wine country. Not only because of its luxury features such as the balustrades and vanishing edge pool.

What truly makes it extra special and gives it the wow factor is the panoramic view and location. Every guest I had coming through my door was breath taken by the view. I knew that I needed to find a way to share this beautiful property with the world! and this is why decided to make it a vacation home so other guests could experience the serenity and breath taken views.

Every time I get to experience my guest wow reaction to the property or read their wonderful reviews truly bring joy to my heart and make me proud of Palm Vista!!